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Hospital Policies

To make sure we can spend enough time with each of our patients and maintain the safety of staff and patients alike, we have a few policies at Founders Green animal clinic. Our goal is to make sure everyone has the best experience possible, so we ask that you accept these policies when visiting our hospital.

Appointment Policy

We operate on an appointment policy so we can limit the amount of time you spend in the waiting room and ensure our staff has adequate time to look after your pet. Please call at least a few days in advance of your desired appointment so we can get you on the schedule. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment for whatever reason, please give us a call so we can reschedule your appointment and open up that time slot for other patients. Since we operate on an appointment policy, if you are more than 10 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, we may need to reschedule you.

If you are experiencing an emergency during office hours, please call us right away so we can give you guidance on how to proceed.

Arrival/Waiting Room Policy

When you arrive at Founders Green animal hospital, you will be greeted by our welcoming staff. We ask that you keep all cats inside carriers and all dogs on non-retractable or locked leashes. Please let the front desk staff know during check-in if you are concerned about any contagious diseases or know of any behavioral issues like biting or scratching. Our goal is to keep our staff and patients safe, happy, and healthy throughout their visits. Please make sure to arrive on time or a few minutes early if you are a new patient to fill out paperwork.

Payment Methods

To provide the best care possible for each of our patients, we do require payment to be made at the time of service. If you are concerned about budgeting costs, we are happy to provide quotes over the phone before your appointment. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and CareCredit®.

Prescription Refills

We are happy to offer a wide variety of prescription medications at our facility so you can get everything you need in one place. If you need a refill of your pet's medication, please call us. Allow 24-48 hours to process your request before picking it up. If we do not have the medication you need on-site, we are happy to order it for you. Make sure you order prescription refills a few days before the end of your medication so you do not run out.

Prescription Diets

Pets can be prescribed specific diets for a variety of reasons. If your pet's treatment plan includes a prescription diet to handle a variety of health concerns, our doctors will discuss your options with you. We conveniently carry a number of prescription diets in our office and online store.

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